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  • Lucy: Suppose the child asks something simple, like, "Mommy, where does rain come from?"
  • Lucy: "Where does rain come from? ...Well I don't know, dear, Mommy's a dumbbell."
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heaven. that’s all.

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when is zayn going to post another killer selfie

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So at one of the New York signings, this girl gave Harry a shirt about gay rights and Harry held it up and called out to Louis. “Hey, Lou.” And showed Louis the shirt. At first Louis didn’t know why he was showing him the shirt until he looked again and saw what the shirt said. Louis then smiled.

I think this says something.

Remember how this was posted on tumblr a few days before Harry showed up in the ‘Love is Equal’ shirt?

freethegayboys:  For the life of me I cannot get over the fact that this is not a photoshop. He really wore it.

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There are birds tweeting the fuck away outside my window.


What the Hell do you want from me?! Go blaze it and hunt each other’s eggs, fuckwads.

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headcanons aside, i really really want to know why they’re not cutting their hair

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liam payne can sing, dance, box, suspend himself horizontally on lampposts with his superhuman bicep strength and probably beat the shit out of someone with his left hand while walking his dog with his right but he can’t wink and thats the cutest fucking thing on the planet 

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